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Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons from Chicago

Based in Chicago, John Marrella Drums and Percussion is owned by a working musician, providing private music instruction and expert

drum lessons. Be sure to read John's instruction resume and letters of recommendation.

Drum & Percussion Lessons

When it comes to music lessons and drum instruction, there is no better professional musician than John Marrella. Experienced at all levels of instruction, John has had the pleasure of teaching players from the age of seven on up. Whether providing private drumming lessons or classroom instruction, his level of enthusiasm and teaching style resonates.

Available to teach music theory, proper technique, and music reading, John takes being a musician seriously. He doesn't simply teach drum tricks or offer jam session instruction.

He believes in ensuring students and players have a foundation for playing down, as that is what allows players to build and enhance their skills.

Offering lessons of all sorts, John provides consultations for new and young players, provides video and Skype™ instruction, along with traditional lessons. Additionally, he provides learning packages, and even has lessons on DVD available.

Whether helping a school band, individual player, or rock band, John is a real musician, dedicated to the art and craft of music. With more than 27 years of experience as an instructor, you can rest assured John will help each of his students reach their natural playing potential and beyond.

Contact John in Chicago, for more information or to request private drum lessons.