John Marrella Drummer

A Professional Musician
of the Highest Caliber
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Professional Touring Musician & Instructor from Chicago

 Based in Chicago, John Marrella Drums and Percussion is owned by a professional musician who provides expert live and studio drumming performance, also individual drum instruction, and sound recording services.

A Seasoned Sound

With more than 35 years of experience as a professional drummer and live musician, John Marrella is truly a seasoned musician. Touring Internationally as the drummer for The Lovin Spoonful, and nationally as the drummer for Head East his credentials and music portfolio is larger and deeper than most musicians could ever hope for.

John Marrella

Music Is More than a Passion

Dedicated and passionate about music, music education, and performance, he brings a level of playing to sessions and classes that is simply outstanding.

From providing personal instruction to playing live, his energy and enthusiasm is infectious—much like a really good beat!