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Some of the albums John has produced at JM Studios:

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Studio Recording Services from Chicago

John Marrella Drums and Percussion of Chicago, provides professional sound and studio recording services that will truly make your songs and band stand out. Please read JM Studios Letters of Recommendation.

Studio Time

Working out of JM Studios, John Marrella is a music engineer and producer who has completed eight full albums. Able to capture, mix and master your project, John takes his knowledge of music and brings out the best in the musicians and musical arrangements in the studio.

Designed to be musician-friendly, the studio is set to capture the essence and vibe of a live performance, not simply set up with a microphone and laptop. Accommodating to single musicians and complete bands, the studio and John are set up for professional recording. The studio is booked in advance, so make sure to contact John at least one week in ahead of time.

Drum & Sound Technician

Offering numerous musical services, John acts as a drum technician, tuning and adjusting drum sounds for performances and for recording. In addition, he is available to perform drums and percussion, add vocals and light keyboard parts to your recording. Being a music instructor for many years, John can also act as instrumental and vocal coach durring the sessions.

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Some of the albums John has produced at JM Studios:

Some of the albums John has produced at JM Studios:

waitless no thru traffic the wild west cowboy project gypsyhead

pieces off the wall hudson jack lovin' man steve parke

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