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Letters of Recommendation & CD Liner Note Comments

Working with John in the studio took on many facets. Yes, we were there to record the songs and make a CD, but it also became quite the educational experience. Since this was my first CD, I had a lot to learn about recording and sound engineering as a client. And since John is a music teacher, there was a music education process set in motion as well. I was also appreciative if not sometimes “stretched” by John’s attention to musical and recording detail via his sharp listening skills. Possibly the highlight of the recording and producing process was his knowledge and skills in regards to the rhythmic aspects of our production. 

Steve Parke 2-15-13

Working with John Marrella on my songs, in his studio was a fun experience! I brought four original songs in skeletal form, and he helped me bring the songs to life. He does very professional work, and has a great ear for mixing music! He also played the drums, percussion, and keyboards for my songs! For that, I am grateful!

Brian Osbment 3-25-13

We would like to say thanks to John at JM Studios. You taught us a lot. Thanks for putting us up, and putting up with us!
-From GYPSYHEAD CD liner notes 2011

Special thanks to John Marrella for harnessing the essence of the music and letting spontaneity occur.
-From Rick Black’s “Pieces Off The Wall” CD liner notes 2005

Thanks to John Marrella for your patience, generosity and friendship.
-From The Wild West Cowboy Project “Horsin’ Around” CD liner notes 2012