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JM Studios

Thanks for your interest in JM Studios being of service for your recording needs.

JM Studios Started out very small in Chicagoland with analog (tape) many years ago with uses for personal original band projects and various band demos. Always with a feel for a live band sound, the recordings had life to them, never sterile. The mixes were clear, never muddy or indistinguishable. Many people could not believe they were not done in a big studio downtown somewhere.

14 years ago John Marrella (owner/operator) moved to beautiful Colorado. 12 years ago JM Studios of Colorado was started. Along with personal band projects and demos, the studio attracted many local and regional original talent. These included full bands to singer/songwriter projects. Originally wanting a 2” tape machine (but who would service it!) for that organic sound, the digital realm was crossed. Staying true to the personal concept that the best recordings are made (were made) with real musicians playing real organic instruments captured in a real environment and as one pass in real time, JM Studios (west) produced 8 full albums and various demos.

Having facilities to accommodate a full band, or at least a few musicians at once was the key to capturing the magic, that spark, that once in a lifetime never done the same way again moments. The core essence of JM Studios is; making recordings that have life to them, but may have clams/warts and all. Yes of course there is digital editing, but that is the last resort. If that is your style, please look to another studio for your recording needs.

JM Studios has recently relocated back to Chicagoland from Colorado. Not as large of a facility, but just as accommodating to full bands, musicians, and single artists. The idea is to do your best in the studio. John helps with; pre-production (mapping out the recording process giving time estimates and priorities), making everyone comfortable including multiple monitor mixes, sharing his musical instruction talents to aid/guide as instrumental and vocal coach, drawing on 35+ yrs as a pro performer to help suggest arrangements, offering his drums and percussion skills to play on the recording if necessary, along with singing and light keyboard parts.

The studio has drums, percussion, guitar/bass/keyboard amps, and stands, etc. Like mentioned before, full bands can record. Mixing, mastering is also a forte’ of John’s skills in the studio. What is most important, the outcome, the result, the sound of the finished recording, Or a particular piece of gear? Would you be able to paint like Michelangelo just because you bought the same type/brand of brushes? No, it’s the artistry, the ears (in recording) that matters.

Thank you for considering JM Studios for you next (or 1st) project. Please contact John for more detailed info and pricing.

Best to you and your endeavors, John Marrella

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